SAP / ABAP developer - Rostislav Kramsky

Senior SAP / ABAP developer

  • ABAP developer since 2008
  • Modules SD, MM, FI, ISU-CS,..
  • Integration Web Services, RFCs
  • SAP DMS - document management
  • Team work Agile/Scrum, and Atlasian tools Jira/Confluence/Hipchat
  • Czech/Slovak/English/(Russia) language
  • Czech Techical University grade
  • Location Czech Republic, Europe
  • freelancer / contractor

Personal statement

I am technically educated, experienced in different technical fields, have had a lot of hobbies, interests and activities. Since 2008, I work as SAP/ABAP developer. In past, I worked as customer electronics designer or Siemens Simatic technology developer. Experienced in Agile/Scrum.


Three years of PhD study - unfinished (Radioelectronics, elmag field theory). Many programming languages including assemblers and C/C++ in past. Algorithm for OFDM modulation at PhD study. Electronics designer for many years, R&D at ZPA Nova Paka, technology process programing for 7 years. SAP/ABAP developer since 2008.


RWE, Innogy, Cemex, Internet Mall, E-on, Agrofert, Agrotec, Lasselsberger, Enika, Penam, Sarantis, Zentiva, Český Aeroholding, Lovochemie, Vodňanské kuře, Agro-Hytos, Wotan.


Ing. Rostislav Kramsky
SAP/ABAP developer, freelancer
Czech Republik

Web:     Rostislav Kramsky